Natty Dread: Lively up Yourself
Taking you on a personal journey capturing the essence of people, places and things thru his
(Jes Garcia) words, music, and pictures!
Fasten your
seat belts and Expect the Unexpected (brought to you by AustinIthinkYouShine).
For years now I wake up at night with songs, rhythms, and hymns within my mind. Here are a few
poems that derived from these sleepless nights.
Fun links to visit consisting of sister sites of other Artist and Friends!
Many years of photography, art, and journalism consisting of movies, music, and life. Don't get lost. ( ;
A few Movies I decided to share with you to bring pleasure to that gift of sight!
Some other ideas I have been playing around with. Much more fun to come!
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Art that I have produced and that is available for Sale. Soon to be displayed in various Venues
and Galleries here within Austin Tx.
W.C. Clark was fantastic tonight! He reminded
me of those fine days while sitting around
waiting on that Key Lime Homemade
Ice-Scream! (Trudy's Dripping Springs Tx. March
11, 2013)
Warren Hood Jr. ripping the stage a new
pathway at The Continental Club (2011).
Fear not...Im hear every Saturday on 6th street
and I stand here with a prayer for you!